The Company

For more than fifteen years, Nomada has made beautiful encounters through its many shows and events worldwide. Creative events, arts & culture, festival design & production, corporate events & management are part of what we do and have to offer.


The company conjugates precision, rigor and creativity, with the freedom to push ever further.
In order to create unique and exceptional events that inspire us through different original creations.
Nomada is not just an event company, it is an adventure and a place where people meet and exchange their craziest ideas, their trust and collaboration.


Our multi-skilled and multicultural team has extensive experience with governmental entities, private sector businesses and international brands.
In a continuous search for optimum production quality we develop innovative tools, interactive digital arts, multimedia installations & video mapping shows, bringing together skill, dedication, commitment, experience and talent.


Through our work for some of the GCC’s most high profile entities, we want to pay tribute to this welcoming Arab World and especially to the United Arab Emirates that have made it all possible…
We think events as a signature allowing public and private entities to create their own image, to reflect their progress and pioneering spirit, to increase their international visibility and influence.

With boundless energy, for everlasting hopes and dreams …

The idea is to transform life with lights, video projections, paintings, sculptures, 3D mapping, lasers, sounds, powerful performing arts, music, live shows. To bring people together to see how easy it is to change the world surrounding us once in a while and give it a new touch: a different way of looking at the space, architecture or wildlife living next to us.